Squeezing In Fruit+Veg Every Day

Four Top Tips for Providing your Child's 5-a-Day

By Alexandra Smith

We were given a great sticker chart for monitoring what fruit and vegetables we eat. It's great for reminding us to change the menu and add a bit more variety each week. Here are four tips to help you make 5 portions of fruit and vegetables available to your child every day:

1) Try giving your child some sultanas in the morning for them to add to their cereal (their portion should fit in the palm of their hand).

2) Put open packs of apples / pears / plums in an accessible place for your child to see they are available (always monitor a child eating so that they don't choke).

3) Keep giving your child small portions of different vegetables at each meal time and encourage them to try a wide variety - even if they don't like one at first that doesn't mean that they won't like it the next time.

4) Remember that baked beans and baked or boiled potatoes are vegetables. If your child won't eat those or much else then try giving them vegetable soup or blending vegetables in to sauces and meals which they do enjoy.

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